Apple II storage:

Storage Solutions for your Apple II:

Casette Tape: Early Apple II models had 3.5mm 1/8inch mono jacks for connection to the Cassette player/recorder.

Apple Disk II:

Apple 5.25 Drive: Replacement for the Disk II. Beginning use of the 19pin D Connector.

Apple Unidisk 5.25:

Apple DuoDisk 5.25:

Apple Unidisk 3.5: Smartport Drive, Worked on //c (ROM > 255) //e with LiRON or UDC.

Apple 3.5 drive: 3.5 inch drive for Apple IIgs

Sider Hard Drive:Spinning Hard Disk solutions for Slotted Apple II series

CFFA 3000 (Dreher, ReactiveMicro): Swiss Army knife of apple storage,  Storage on CF or USB stick, Multiple formats .dsk .do .po Emulated both Smartport (16) and Disk 3.5 and 5.25 in one unit.

Smartport SD (DIY, Arduino based): Up to 4 smart drive ports at once:

Floppy EMU (BigMessOWires):

WDrive (Kboohk, Mfa2 Workshop): Left Early LCD model Right OLED model.

SD Disk II– (Ebay):

SD Floppy II (a2heaven):

UniSDisk (Nishda Radio):

Virtual Serial Drive (VSD) Kevin:

SiDrive (DIY, Offshoot of VSD above and Apple II pi):

Classic IDE:

Micro Drive Turbo: