Apple II Series

Apple II:  The first Apple II’s,  Serial numbers start with A2S1.

Apple II plus: Somewhere around REV 4. Apple made the AppleSoft ROM set available and a new badge on the machine.  Serial Numbers start with A2S2 now

Bell and Howell:  A licensed Apple II with Black Case: Early models still had the raised Power light on the keyboard.   Serial Numbers A2S3:

Apple ][e: This is the unenhanced ][e.  The keyboard had a change from white text (early models) to dark text in this time

Apple //c:  All in one slotless Apple II,  Most common peripherals were built in.

Apple //e: Enhanced //e:  New ROM added better diagnostics inbuilt and mouse text in the character ROM.

Apple //e platinum:  This is an enhanced //e, cost reduced and with the numeric key-pad built in.

Apple IIgs:  (Cortland) – The Graphics and Sound machine – Speed limited 16 bit machine.

Apple //c plus: The last apple // computer.  Like the original //c but with 2.5Mhz clock to start and 3.5 drive as the boot drive.

//e card:  This card plugged into PDS slot mac’s to give them apple ][ software compatibility.  Allowed ProDOS partitions on the Mac hard drive and had a cable to attach Apple II DB19 floppies and a 9pin mouse/joystick.