Apple II Arduino Things!

SiDrive – A Plugin Add-on to the Super Serial Card that allows 2 PRODOS drives up to 32MB each.   With SiROM no other driver is needed.

SiDrive – Schematic in PDF form

SiDrive – Bill of Material

SiDrive – Board –  (Linked here, shared on OSHPark)

        Remote Board – for external LED Status (Link to OSHPark share).


A2SDFAT! – A Apple II game port add-on that allows Direct access to the SD Card files – All software and original hardware was done by Dave Schmenk.   I just made his project smaller and fitting on one board.

A2SDFAT!– Schematic in PDF form

A2SDFAT! – Bill of Material

A2SDFAT! – Board – SOON!


Both of these projects are now released into the Apple II Community.


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